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A non-regular class. The purpose of this class is to provide exercises which are fun for both the dog and handler. The intent is that this class will have a practical purpose towards advanced classes as well as household obedience. It is hoped that this class will be enjoyable for both spectators and participants. This class is open to any dog entered in another class, no title limitations or prerequisites. Dogs may be handled by the owner or any other person. Any AKC Obedience judge may judge this class.

Heel Free 40 points Team performs pattern of their choice. The order(s) are: "Heel free exercise, are you ready?" and "Forward". Team will heel as they choose using most of the ring area, up to a five point deduction for poor ring use. Two halts are required, they may take place during the pattern, simply releasing at the end, or one during the pattern and one at the end as is traditionally done. There are no other required elements; handlers may choose any speed, turns, or loops as they wish. Extra verbal commands are not penalized; body English and all other aspects of the heelwork are scored as in traditional Obedience classes. The heeling pattern should last between 25 and 35 seconds. Timing starts with "Forward" and ends when the handler releases the dog. A one point deduction is taken per second over or under the 25/35 limits, rounded in the team's favor. The handler is responsible for timing of heeling, no indication of "time" is provided.

Retrieve 40 points Performed as the Retrieve on the Flat except that: Any object of the handlers choosing may be used provided the item does not roll a substantial distance (such as a tennis ball might) on landing. Squeaking items are allowed; with that, it must be noted that dogs will be penalized for mouthing (and squeaking) said item; a minimum of a three point deduction will be taken for each individual "squeak". The item must be thrown a distance greater than ten feet. Orders are the same as the Open Retrieve on the flat. Scored as the Open Retrieve on the Flat exercise EXCEPT that additional commands will receive a 10 point deduction.

Single Signal Exercise 40 points Handler's choice. Handler will state the dogs starting and ending position; possibilities include but are not limited to: stand to down, down to sit, stand to sit, etc. not to include the recall signal. Handler will leave dog in a manner consistent with the regulations on the Group Exercises going at least 10 feet from the dog. Orders are: "Position your dog", "Leave your dog", when the handler has turned to face the dog the Judge will use a signal to direct the handler to signal the dog, the judge will then verbally direct the handler "Back to your dog", and "Exercise finished". Scored as both the Group Exercises and the Signal Exercise EXCEPT that additional commands will receive a 10 point deduction.

Tunnel Recall 40 points Scored as the Novice Recall Exercise except that dog must travel through tunnel, a 20 point deduction is taken for dogs not traveling through the tunnel. Handler may use a "tunnel" and a "front" command as well as an additional "front" command when the dog exits the tunnel. Orders are the same as the Novice recall.

Pizza Stay 40 points Dog is positioned approximately 20 feet from the ring entrance. Orders are: "Position your dog", "leave your dog" and "Exercise finished". Following the handlers command and/or signal to "stay" a steward shall approach the entrance gate with pizza (described below) and audibly state "Pizza Delivery." The handler will meet the steward at a point and location convenient to them and take possession of the pizza. The handler will take said pizza and place it on the chair located between 10 and 15 feet from the dog, handler then returns to dog as in group exercises. This will be scored as the Group Exercises EXCEPT that extra commands, will be a five point deduction per command. Judge and steward will demo or walk through this exercise prior to the class.

Total possible 200 points

Misc. Tunnel is weighted for safety; it will be a 15 ft. tunnel meeting the AKC agility tunnel specifications. Pizza will be actual pizza.

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