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Tunnels-Only Agility Class

Saturday afternoon after the regular classes- $10/Entry

Mail-in Registration & Payment Online Entry

This non-titling, optional special class is designed to provide a fun, inclusive event at specialties. Because the event includes only tunnels, it offers a fun way to introduce young dogs to the sport, as well as challenge more experienced teams with an event that emphasizes speed and timely cues over obstacle performance. There will be a single class level and all dogs (Novice, Open, Excellent, Master, regular, and preferred) will compete on the same course and against all jump heights.

The class may be offered up to once per day at the club's option.

Rules for the competition:

Section 2. Definition. The judge will lay out a numbered course that includes only tunnels. While dogs of any skill level (Novice, Open, Excellent, and Master) are allowed to compete, winning teams will need to demonstrate speed and clear handling techniques.

Section 3. Eligibility. Tunnels-Only has a single class level. Dogs eligible to enter Novice, Open, Excellent, or Master level classes may enter the Tunnels-Only class. Dogs will be not be segregated by jump height and they will not need to be measured before running the course.

Section 4. Performance Standards.

Section 5. Maximum Course Time (MCT).

Section 6. Scoring Criteria. A qualifying score is obtained when the dog’s run time is under the MCT and has incurred no course faults.

Section 7. Catalog requirements. Since this is a special, non-titling class, results do not need to be marked in the catalog. For the purpose of determining winners, run times must not be truncated.

Section 8. Titles. No titles are awarded in the Tunnels-Only class.

Section 9. Minimum Obstacle Requirements.

Online Entry: